Desert Sun Appraisal

Gilbert, AZ 85295
Phone: 602-578-7417
Fax: 480-456-8836

Hours Of Operation

9am to 5pm
Monday - Friday

Desert Sun Appraisal provides residential real estate appraisals in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, serving Maricopa and Pinal counties. We offer our clients dependable, honest and friendly service.

2 - 3 day turn around after inspection.

Appraisal Myths

Myth: Consumers should not be concerned with what is in the appraisal document so long as it satisfies the needs of their lending institution.
Reality: Only if consumers read a copy of their appraisal can they double-check its accuracy and question the result. Also, it makes a valuable record for the future reference, containing useful and often-revealing information. This information may include the legal and physical description of the property, square footage measurements, list of comparable properties in the neighborhood and neighborhood description of current real-estate activity and market trends in the vicinity.

Myth: The appraised value of a property will vary, depending upon whether the appraisal is conducted for the buyer or the seller.
Reality: The appraiser has no vested interest in the outcome of the appraisal and should render services with independence, objectivity and impartiality - no matter for whom the appraisal is conducted.

Myth: Assessed value should equate to market value.
Reality: While most states support the concept that assessed value approximate estimated market value, this often is not the case. Examples include when interior remodeling has occurred and the assessor is unaware of the improvements, or when properties in the vicinity have not been reassessed for an extended period.
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